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Meet Laura

Laura Thomae Young is a writer, workshop leader, and international speaker with more than twenty years of experience working with teens, young adults, and women.

The idea for the “Adulting Like a Boss” website and book came after her return from living abroad for more than a decade. Upon acclimating back to life in the States, she came across more and more friends in the upcoming generation who lacked confidence in tackling adult situations, both big and small.

Her passion for teaching and connecting with young adults prompted her to seek an avenue to equip millennials for the grown-up world. Thus, Adulting Like a Boss was born to provide the life skills needed to move from college student to grown-up.

She is a mom to four millennials of her own and mother-in-law to three. When she’s not writing, training, or speaking, you’ll find her hanging out at her home in Nashville with her husband, Steve, and their giant labradoodle, Val.

Find her author site at www.LauraThomaeYoung.com.

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