June 24, 2017


This is the second blog/podcast in our series on Office Politics and Adulting Like a Boss in the workplace. Last week’s message was about being oh so careful about your words – never gossip and never badmouth the company you work for. So – what is Office Politics anyway? I found a definition that says it’s the “activities, attitudes, or behaviors that are used to get or keep power or an advantage within a business
Oh be careful little mouth what you say! This childhood Sunday school song is a reminder that each of us should choose our words carefully, and only say things we are okay with being overheard or repeated. There are several situations in which our words can do damage: You say something that is overheard by someone you didn’t intend to hear it. A confidant breaks your confidence and tells someone what you said (and thereby
It’s that time again! A New Year and we all start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions! Either you make ‘em & break ‘em (81% of people break their new resolution by the second week of February), decide NEVER to make ‘em, or you fall into the very small category of people who make ‘em and KEEP ‘em! Download the Adulting Like a Boss 2019 GOALS WORKSHEET! But first, read on! I’ve made resolutions through the
It’s December and the first thing that comes to mind is… Christmas! Already Christmas programs are in full swing – the Nashville Christmas parade was this past weekend, the lighting of the Christmas trees is happening all over the place, and the malls are crammed with shoppers. And that brings me to what I want to talk to you about today – shopping for Christmas presents. A few years ago I read the book The
If you’re unable to pay your bills every month, you’ve either got to cut expenses or increase income. I talked about this a few podcasts ago, and you can go back and listen to episodes 7 & 8.  But there’s something else that will really help you with your bills – and that’s paying your debts off so you’re not paying high interest credit cards and other loans. Paying off your debts and living “cash
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