This is the second blog/podcast in our series on Office Politics and Adulting Like a Boss in the workplace. LastKeep Reading
Oh be careful little mouth what you say! This childhood Sunday school song is a reminder that each of usKeep Reading
It’s that time again! A New Year and we all start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions! Either you make ‘emKeep Reading
It’s December and the first thing that comes to mind is… Christmas! Already Christmas programs are in full swing –Keep Reading
If you’re unable to pay your bills every month, you’ve either got to cut expenses or increase income. I talkedKeep Reading
Have you ever been in a conversation where someone was saying something entirely inappropriate, and then realized it, but keptKeep Reading
What is the ONE thing that will make you succeed at work?  Being FAT!!! Let me explain:  FAT doesn’t haveKeep Reading
Last week’s podcast and blog were all about the upcoming mid-term elections – with Tennessee’s upcoming election featured. If youKeep Reading
VOTE TENNESSEE!!!  NOVEMBER 6, 2018 ELECTION! [My Podcast Episode 20 corresponds to this article.] A few weeks ago I posted an article and podcast about howKeep Reading
I’m facilitating a leadership book club in my office, and we’re studying John Maxwell’s book, Developing the Leader Within YouKeep Reading
You are the sum of the five people you hang out with. If it is true – and “hint hint”Keep Reading
Over the weekend I spent some time with my 20-somethings friends, and one of the challenges they struggle with isKeep Reading
Want to change something in your life?  It’s simpler than you think. Now I didn’t say EASY.  I said Simple!Keep Reading
I’m really excited about talking to you about voting, because this is something a lot of you have told meKeep Reading
Do you read or listen to the news? Are you interested at all in what’s going on around the countryKeep Reading
The one thing that’s true about all millennials is this. There is not one thing that is true about allKeep Reading
You know what I think are two values that millennials have that are different from past generations?  Experience and Opportunity.Keep Reading
You want to use your money wisely, and if you’ve been listening to any of the episodes so far, youKeep Reading
[Continuing from last week’s article “Thinking About Buying a House? – Pt. 1”] You have to live somewhere, and ifKeep Reading
Thinking about buying a house? First think about the money. If you’re thinking about buying a house, unless you haveKeep Reading
If you’re short on money, and find you’re not able to either (a) pay the bills or (b) do funKeep Reading
I don’t know about you, but most people I talk to are worried about money. Either they don’t feel confidentKeep Reading
It’s the weekend as I’m writing this, and I love weekends.   I love weekends because I get to make a bigKeep Reading
I was hanging out with a friend today who asked me, “How do you meet new people when you areKeep Reading
If you’re hoping to climb the corporate ladder, or at the very least, make a little more moo-lah, you mayKeep Reading
Thinking about leaving your job for a new one? You’ve had some restlessness lately?You might want to think again!  MillennialsKeep Reading
In today’s workforce, most people don’t expect to be at their job their entire lives as they did in the past. InKeep Reading
The hard part about Adulting is that it’s … well…HARD.  Doing hard things and doing them over and over –Keep Reading
Does the end of the money come before the end of the month? Don’t let a zero bank balance catchKeep Reading
When you’re coughing up a lung or doubled over in pain, the last thing in the world you feel likeKeep Reading
When you received your first paycheck, you quickly learned that each time you earn a dollar, your employer will takeKeep Reading
  Starting new habits can be daunting, because let’s face it, we’ve all started something with much enthusiasm, only to haveKeep Reading
  We are a stressed out generation. Studies show that 53% of Americans regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress, such asKeep Reading
300,000!!!!  Do you have 300,000 objects in your home? From paper clips to ironing boards, that’s the average American home’sKeep Reading
Do the hard thing. Hard is getting up early and having quiet time to prepare your mind and soul forKeep Reading
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