June 24, 2017


When you received your first paycheck, you quickly learned that each time you earn a dollar, your employer will take a piece of that dollar and send it to the government on your behalf. Payroll taxes!  After interviewing dozens of young men and women over the last year, asking what gaps they have in “adulting,” many have expressed the same things: They don’t understand taxes. The IRS has zillions of tax forms for every conceivable
  Starting new habits can be daunting, because let’s face it, we’ve all started something with much enthusiasm, only to have our resolve fizzle out after a few days/weeks/months. Jon Acuff, in his newest book, Finish, tells of how he guided a group through a 30-day challenge for starting something new. Although he had plenty of people start the challenge, and drop off along the way, but his biggest drop off? Day 2! If you’re starting
  We are a stressed out generation. Studies show that 53% of Americans regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress, such as fatigue, stomach problems, or other health related problems. Top stressors (in no particular order) Finances Job stress The economy Broken or damaged relationships Death or illness of a loved one Health You can take positive action prevent some stressors – for example, getting on top of your finances or forming healthy habits, but many stressors
300,000!!!!  Do you have 300,000 objects in your home? From paper clips to ironing boards, that’s the average American home’s quantity of “stuff.”  Yikes. Where did it all come from? If you’re just starting out, you likely don’t have 300,000 objects, but it only takes packing for a move to realize how quickly we accumulate. We have stuff because we need stuff. We need a place to live, a bed to sleep in, clothes and

Do the Hard Thing

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Do the hard thing. Hard is getting up early and having quiet time to prepare your mind and soul for the day when you’drather sleep in.Hard is coming home from work and going back out again for an activity. Hard is making that difficult phone call when you’d rather not.Hard is apologizing when you’re wrong.Hard is being kind to someone who is a little unlovable. Hard is eating right and exercising, when everyone else is

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