October 14, 2017


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I find the advice in ‘Adulting like a Boss’ relatable and applicable! Wonderful book.  – Paula Kay

Laura Thomae Young’s down to earth words are full of practicality, wisdom and humor. From how to find a decent group of friends to taking care of your body, budget and car, each chapter holds a game plan anyone can follow! – Edith Kennedy

Adulting Like a Boss audiobook

This book is extremely relatable! I just got married, so now I’m trying to do “adulty” things like combine bank accounts and buy a house! – Anna Miller

Laura Thomae Young…you’ve got something really AMAZING here! – Vannesia Darby

Reading this book should be a graduation requirement! I love the book, and am finding lots of inspiration and wonderful quotes.  – Alison Smith

I identified with the book from the very first chapter. I have felt unprepared for adult life, but maybe part of Adulting is learning what you don’t know, and asking the right questions. Thank goodness for this book to get me started. – Mary Kathryn Lunceford-Levesque

Adulting Like a Boss is a great “How To” book for life. It’s a must read even if you think you have ‘adulting’ down. Thanks, Laura Thomae Young, for your no-nonsense approach. – Martha Hennessey

I will definitely have my grown and near-grown children read it. This book is a keeper!  – Anne Young

I wish I had something like this when I was fresh out of school. This is literally a hand guide for making grown-up decisions! It’s very easy to follow, and I feel like Laura Thomae Young is talking to me as I read. – Christina Dotson

This book is a practical guide for those beginning to walk out into the world of independence. Laura Thomae Young has opened her heart to share her life experiences and wisdom. – Cindy Mount

Reading the chapter on finances made me look to see if I really understand what money is taken out of my paycheck. Now I have some questions for HR when I go back to work next week! – Kristin Guest

Adulting Like a Boss would be a great graduation gift! I love the chapter on being positive. It’s even a great reminder for those of us who have been “adulting” for a couple of decades. – Abby Huffman

Written with subtle humor and full of wisdom, Adulting Like a Boss is easy to read and flows smoothly. The practical examples give everything you need in one place – the what, why, and how.  – Lynn Naughton


Whether you want to take charge of your finances, career, relationships, or health, Laura Thomae Young’s Adulting Like a Boss will give you the kick in the pants you need to become a self-sufficient adult.

Drawing on dozens of interviews with 20-somethings and her own experience in the real world, Young paves the roadway for navigating the adult life. With equal parts motivation and how-to, Young provides action steps, thought-provoking questions, resources, and worksheets to enable you to become the boss of your own life. In Adulting Like a Boss, you’ll learn:

  • How to engage in meaningful work

  • How to form healthy habits

  • A 5-step plan for conquering your finances

  • Everything you need to know about filing taxes

  • Tips for buying your first home

  • The importance of those doctor and dentist checkups

  • How to suck it up and do the hard thing

Adulting Like a Boss is for the recent grad being unleashed into the real world, the 20-something who feels like they should have it all together, and those of us who still don’t know how to sew on a button. With a little friendly encouragement and some practical advice, you’ll be on your way to adulting like a boss.

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