Four Reasons You May Want to Stay at Your Current Job 

Thinking about leaving your job for a new one? You’ve had some restlessness lately?You might want to think again! 

Millennials have earned the unfortunate reputation of “job hoppers,” when the reality is, people of all ages in today’s work force change jobs more than they did fifty years ago. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the median number of years workers tend to stay with one employer is 4.2 years, and that number is getting smaller each year.  

But how do you know if it is the right time to leave? And how long should you stay? 

There are lots of advantages of sticking with one job for a long time, and you might be selling yourself short if you leave your company too soon. 

Here are four reasons you might want to nix the applications, and stay where you are. 


If you know the job well, there may be internal opportunities that won’t be there if you’re “new” somewhere else. Look around and see how the company promotes. Do they tend to promote from within? If so, someone who knows the job well would have more opportunity. Ask your boss what career pathing looks like for you.  If you’re with a big company, are there other departments with job openings? Look around where you are before looking outside. 

Paid Vaca

Most company will reward longevity with more paid vacation. If you don’t know what the policy is, ask your boss, or check the company’s website. Staying where you are and earning another week or so of vacation might be worth it to you. 


There’s something to be said about long-term relationships with your co-workers. Make friends with your co-workers, and build for yourself the reputation of being someone who gets along with most everyone.  

SIDE NOTE: Even difficult co-workers can stretch and grow you, and become easier to work with over time. If you’re thinking about leaving because of a difficult co-worker, trust me, there will be “that special someone” anywhere you work. Learn to get along with others no matter how difficult they may be. 

Your Resume

Someone with a resume that has at least several years at each place is a much more desirable hire than someone who has six months at one job, four at another, etc. Sticking with one company, especially if you’ve had promotions or different jobs within the company, is appealing to a future employer. It shows that you’re someone who stays in one place long enough to be given more responsibility. 

All in all, you have to do what’s right for you, but if you’re feeling restless, run through these four steps and see if it might be right to stay. 


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