Success on the Job: Three Keys You Wouldn’t Guess

What is the ONE thing that will make you succeed at work?  Being FAT!!!

Let me explain:  FAT doesn’t have anything to do with WEIGHT!

                FAT – Faithful, Available, Teachable

The best employee is FAT!

Faithful – shows up every day, on time, with a good attitude.

One of the most undesirable traits in an employee is inconsistency in attendance. It’s the number one reason people lose their jobs. Show up every day with a good attitude and a willingness to learn, and even if you aren’t great at your job, your boss will want to help you succeed.

People who call out at the last minute leave their colleagues to take up the slack, and it can cause resentment among your peers. Let me assure you – everyone has “stuff” going on in their lives that would make an easy excuse to not come to work. But a good employee finds a way to work around those things and get to work on time, every day.

Certainly there will be times when you may have an emergency, an accident, a car problem, or an illness that would make it difficult or impossible to be at work. But save your call-outs for REAL emergencies and illnesses.

Feeling Generally “Blah” but not quite sick?

If you’re not feeling well, unless you’re running fever, throwing up, or in severe pain, you should get up, get completely dressed and ready for work and THEN – and only then – decide. A decision made while lying in bed is not going to be a good decision.

Being tired is NEVER a good reason not to go to work. If you find yourself frequently tired, you probably aren’t getting enough sleep, so you’ll need to change your bedtime.

Available – At work, every day, and willing to do whatever job is needed.

Make it your habit to “watch” the successful people in your company. What makes them successful? What do they do that you can do that will lead you to the same success?

One thing I have found about the people who are successful in the companies I have worked for is that they get down to business and don’t goof off.

They are not found standing around the coffee pot talking about the latest episodes from their Netflix binge. In fact, at the coffee pot, they have a friendly “hello” to everyone, then get back to work.

  • They are efficient in their emails, promptly reply, and always strive to help.
  • They look for solutions rather than present problems, and work well with their colleagues.
  • They don’t gossip or complain.
  • They dress for success and conduct themselves in an honorable way.
  • They are friendly and good natured.

Not only should your boss be able to count on you to COME to work, but he/she should be able to count on your positive attitude. Be predictable happy – and yes, sometimes you’ll need to “fake it till you make it.”  A grumpy – or worse – an unpredictably moody employee – is hard to manage and will never succeed.

Smile, greet people, and be positive in your attitude no matter how you are feeling, and no matter what’s going on. When you have a positive attitude – seeing and speaking the best in other people, situations, or problems, it will draw attention. You’ll find that people are drawn to you simply because you are positive. Watch for ways to compliment others, to speak well of the company, to offer solutions rather than complaining about problems.

Teachable – Willing to take instruction and correction if needed. You don’t know it all, so make sure you are willing to learn.

If someone is telling you something you already knew, it’s okay to nod and thank them. If someone is teaching you something you didn’t already know, pay close attention, and ask questions and make comments so they know you are paying attention and learning.

If you are being corrected for something you did – no matter what the reason you did it, listen carefully, and let your superior know you will strive to not repeat the action. Defensiveness is a negative trait in an employee, and will not win you any points with your leadership, your boss, or your teammates. Be willing to learn and have a good attitude when you are corrected.

Remember –take correction well. Your company is invested in you and wants you to succeed, so if they correct you, quietly take the correction and make the changes necessary to reach the desired criteria.

You’ll be surprised that just showing up – every day – on time – with a good attitude – will be an easy win for you. Watch your colleagues and you’ll see what I mean. Finding a good employee often means finding someone who just shows up. “Good things come to those who show up!”



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